Our New Home!

We were enrolled in the “University of Faith” over the past few months. As we wrote in our last letter, our old home was being sold, and we had 90 days to vacate. We looked at about 20 properties and experienced “sticker shock” – because our old home was rent controlled, anything similar would be up 50-100% more expensive. We found a couple of houses that were more reasonable, because they were farther out of town: we would have had to travel through the infamous local traffic to get to ESEPA and back.

Then suddenly, through a friend of a friend, we found a house just 3 blocks from where we lived. It came fully furnished. It has rooms for everyone, including Sammy; an isolated office for Gary in his third-floor “tower”; an ultra-modern kitchen; a terrace with a fruit garden (e.g., lemon, lime, avocado, mango, herbs). It was twice the house of all the other candidates, and it came at the best price. So we moved in on February 15.

We thank the Lord for his blessing, and also thank you who prayed for us during an anxious stretch.

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