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Gary and Karen Shogren are WorldVenture missionaries to Costa Rica. Gary is professor of New Testament at Seminario ESEPA and is a blogger and author. Karen teaches at ESEPA and also specializes in sexual abuse and the church. They have four adult children who live in the USA, and one grandson.


2 responses to “About us

  1. Hi Gary!
    Love what you’re doing! I also served overseas 21 years. Now I’m a pastor in SC (PhD Leicester via Tyndale House Cambridge) – and noticed that you AND Gene Green both have published commentaries on 1 Thessaloninas, and you both taught at ESEPA. Assuming you are colleagues? Would love to hear more of your story – how you both ended up there and both published academics on the same topic!

    • Hi Adam, so sorry for the delay! Gene Green was NT professor at ESEPA for some years. He was leaving just as I expressed interest in going there, so we did not overlap. We were amused that two NT persons were Aberdeen grads. And we both published commentaries on 1-2 Thessalonians (I with the ZECNT series, Gene with Pillar). This was not planned by ourselves!

      ESEPA will shortly be celebrating 40 years. Gene was there for the earlier years, and I went down to learn Spanish and begin to teach in 1998. I am still on faculty, as is my wife, although all our work is now doine online.

      Blessings! Gary

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