The song that Karen couldn’t get out of her head!

As I mention above, one of my most vivid memories from my years at Philadelphia Biblical University is Ken Medema’s convicting song, “Moses.” The Chorale performed it multiple times over two years, and Ken Medema himself performed it for us in concert. Never once did I sing it without God speaking directly to me. After all these year, it is apparently still burned into my brain.

Go here to listen to Ken Medema singing “Moses”:


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3 responses to “The song that Karen couldn’t get out of her head!

  1. Marilyn Rasche Juhlin

    When my older son was in high school (in the 70’s), the church we attended had a puppet program. Douglas chose “Moses” to do a mime presentation with his special puppet. I KNOW the Lord was with him as he chose his movements, etc. for that program. The message behind Ken Medema’s “Moses” is so powerful when you listen to the words!!!! I will never forget the message I heard from the Lord the first time I heard that song and it has stayed with me all these years. May the Lord continue to use Ken’s music to reach people, to call them to a commitment to our God!

  2. Loralei

    I really enjoyed Moses also. Ken himself was awesome! It’s a good memory.

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