Update on the Shogren kids, Dec 2011

So what’s new with the younger Shogrens? Plenty!

Steve is having a blast with his new programming job at AWE in Chester. He loves the challenges and the work environment. He just wrapped up a teaching weekly Bible study on Thursday evenings at their church (The Foundry in Garden City/Wallingford). Sara was blessed with a new job writing technical manuals at Boeing Ridley Park, in an office (that means climate control, of which there wasn’t much on the Chinook assembly floor) and most importantly, working first shift. She and Steve are thrilled that after 4½ years of marriage, their work schedules are finally in synch!

Tim is very happy as assistant manager of the Corporate Sales department at Pep Boys in Broomall. We’re all happy that finally he can put his innate salesmanship skills to good use! In October, he and Ariel celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary with the news that Ariel had just been offered a full-time job in the quality control departmet of AWE (where Steve also works). They live in an apartment in Ridley Park with their beloved pets. We are so proud that their first year brought them closer together and taught them a lot, and that now they can enjoy some normalcy!

Ben and Stephanie have spent their first 4 months as a married couple studying hard at Eastern University. Ben has only one semester left to complete his college degree, and they are hoping to spend it studying abroad in Hong Kong. (A semester abroad is a mandatory requirement in their program at Eastern’s Templeton Honors College). If their visas come through, they will leave shortly after Christmas and return before the summer. In the meantime, they have been living in the “Torbett/Shogren compound” in Aston, PA. We are so proud that they are working hard to finish their college education, even though it requires a lot of sacrifices for a newly married couple.

Vikky is finishing up her 3rd semester at Delaware County Community College as a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society. She wants to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy and has applied to a wide variety of college programs. While she is waiting on God’s guidance in this, she is fulfilling requirements of PT volunteer hours in a local hospital. She is working faithfully in her church, and has applied for a scholarship from the Southern Baptist denomination for her continued education. She has now been at her job at Cosi Restaurant in Concordville for more than a year and a half. We are so proud that she has stayed the course both in school and at work!

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