Extra message, Nov 2012!

We will also need to raise further funds, since we have lost some of our donors. Our mission is currently calculating how much we need to raise.

We have a special request: we need a car from Thanksgiving onward, until the end of February at least and perhaps for several months more. Can someone lend us a vehicle for that time, or even for a portion of that time? Travel is the greatest distraction we face in the US. Please respond to this blog if you can help. [UPDATE: we may have a car for the first part of our trip, so please make sure to contact us before making any decisions!]

Speaking of cars: thanks to all of you for contributing to our new Sentra. You cannot imagine the freedom it has given us: in the last four weeks I’ve spoken at four separate conferences outside of the city, and was able to simply drive there, rather than take several buses.

More excellent news! As of now, we are PERMANENT RESIDENTS of Costa Rica. This has been our goal now for over a decade. We are taking close care of our new id cards.

In a few weeks we’ll be sending out our year-end newsletter. Many blessings! Gary Shogren

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