Short-term Opportunity!

cJV1v7y0Xb6fPwdDcRgcedjKy5OK7bSNuwumz4gHR9t8-9qoT2fV_RaPJuAijtzcVjL7Wr3EngzDrf9z2fjpy7-gVRc0w7P3NC1UUC9b_J2uaQNjjBKo7dwlUIqv3YG10Jfm3POGlhYGKYpn5JEKaren is putting together another short term team to run an English VBS program (ages 0-18) for missionary kids in Honduras Sept 25-29. We need experienced teachers and helpers for nursery, toddler, elementary and middle/high school age groups. The cost will be about $700 per person, if you’re coming from Philadelphia.

This will be a short, no-frills trip to a dangerous country to minister to some of the missionaries who most need refreshing. Karen and her fellow team leaders will be writing all material, providing all supplies, making all the arrangements, and doing all the training. What we still lack are loving workers to come with us. We can use help from either groups or individuals. If you are interested, please leave a comment to this post.

Karen says: “I have been there twice now, and this is a very significant, unusual missions’ opportunity. This is NOT a vacation! We do not do any leisure activities; we basically fly in, go to the camp where we run the program, and leave. The UN identified Honduras as the most dangerous country in the world (not counting countries at war), due to drug/gang violence. However we are hosted by experienced local missionaries who take excellent care of us, from airport pick-up to drop-off, and we register with the US embassy there.

“We fly into San Pedro Sula, and are driven to a Christian camp in Siguetepeque (in the mountains between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula). There we do child-care for a non-denominational group of American & Canadian missionaries who work all around Honduras, and who get together for a much-needed annual retreat. The retreat lasts from Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning. Last year we cared for over 70 children. Our program is designed specifically for missionary kids, to address their unique needs from a biblical perspective.

“The conference provides our room and board during the retreat, so our expenses are for air fare, 5 meals, and housing for our first and last nights in country.

“This is a chance to provide love, encouragement, fun and relaxation for some of God’s youngest, toughest, neediest soldiers.”

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