October 16 update

Dear readers, many blessings!

It’s only October, but, may we ask for an early Christmas gift?

As our readers know, we lost a great deal of support in the latter months of 2012. So that we could survive on the field, WorldVenture kept paying our salary.

Now we need to raise some thousands of dollars in order to settle accounts with our mission agency, and we want to quickly clear it up.

Every year, churches give us Christmas gifts. Whether you are a supporting church or not, would you consider a special donation of $500 or $1000?

The simplest route is to send a check to WorldVenture, 1501 W. Mineral Ave., Littleton CO 80120, and state that it is for “Gary Shogren 1269 Receivable-2012 Under Support”.

General Fundraising Update

We need to raise $1080 more of monthly support before we can officially return to Costa Rica. There are several churches with which we are in contact, and some individuals, so that figure will probably go down over the next few weeks. Nevertheless we want to push hard to return to our field in 2013.

Please pray about how you can stand behind us and our ministries in Central America.

Interested donors can contact WorldVenture by clicking HERE

En Cristo, Gary and Karen Shogren

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