Update from Karen

We are working through some major family issues. The most worrisome is that Sammy is having trouble in school, due to behavioral issues that can probably be traced to his early environment. Local public schools lack the supervision and education quality we need, and Costa Rica isn’t very open to homeschooling. We are further pressured by limited resources and time to implement a decision. Please pray for God’s wisdom, strength, and provision.
Then there is my mom’s health. Thelma broke her knee about 2 months ago, and she came to Costa Rica for a month with us during her recovery. It was a blessed time together as I watched my mom blossom again at the age of 92! We initiated her right away into missionary work: hospitality, child-care, teaching Bible verses, reading Bible bedtime stories, listening to the stories from the hearts of God’s tiniest missionary children. And you know, it was SHE who taught me how to give aging parents love, respect, and usefulness, as she loved and cared for my dad’s mom plus her own mother and father.
Mom helped me at a retreat for missionary kids. We were joined by Sharon & Cassie Shorey, Nancy Kelley, Walt Emery, David Charnock, and Debbie Carver – an amazing child-care team!
Immediately after returning to PA, we received an offer to buy mom’s house, and then bought a lovely double-wide in Ronks, PA (just southeast of Lancaster). We expect to move on April 9, and will settle on her Aston house on April 11. The whole situation was a beautiful example of God’s perfect plan down to the tiniest detail! We praise Him for this wonderful provision for Thelma, and the chance to settle her down in a wonderful community.

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