August 2018 – “Is our Furlough Wrapping Up?”

Our times in the US (besides short visits) are a funny thing: they happen every 3-4 years; they can go as long as 12 months; their start date is always iffy; and the finish date is the most unpredictable of all!

We now have been in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania, since January, and our hope is to return for the next semester at ESEPA in September.

Since arriving in the States, we have logged many miles through Pennsylvania and three tours through New England.

We have spoken to about 20 church meetings and many small groups.

Gary has taken one trip to Cuba, where he taught a brand-new course (here he is with his students); he also taught three full online courses. And he finished, after several years of on-again off-again, a draft of his new book. Now comes the task of finding a publisher.

Karen is preparing for her new ministry, to combat sexual abuse: she has taken a full seminary course, attended seminars, and taken many, many meetings, besides all of the reading she has to do.

God willing, we will be able to return to Costa Rica in due time, fully-funded and prepared for the next tour of duty!

Thanks for being a part of our team, and we hope that our October letter will be sent from San José.

Gary’s Teaching this Month:
I wrote the Romans section for a 1-volume commentary on the Bible. You can download an English version of it from my blog. Go to and click “My Books, Some are Free!” in the right-hand column

Our Schedule

August 12, August 19, August 26, maybe even September 2, we are still free and would love to drop by your church!

Praise and Prayer

  • Pray for Gary to find a publisher for his new book
  • Praise that we have several new donors!
  • And PRAY that we will be able to return to Costa Rica within the next month!

Many blessings to you! Gary and Karen Shogren

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