2012 for Karen

In the last newsletter I went into detail on this year’s ministry highlights for me.  So instead of a repetitive repeat, this is what I have to say at the end of 2012:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  My heart is overflowing with thanks these days!  There are so many people to thank regarding so many blessings in our lives!  This is by no means a complete list or in any kind of order, it’s just my best attempt at conveying our gratitude to God (and you) for what He’s done all around us in the last 12 months.

  • Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read our newsletter, pray for us, call or email  us, visit with us, and host us!
  • Thank you everyone who has supported us financially and therefore made every other one of these thank-you’s possible!
  • Thank you Marge and Thelma for giving us life, and still loving and supporting us in so many ways!
  • Thank you Dave, Kim, and John for being great siblings!
  • Thank you Steve, Tim, Ben and Vik for growing into amazing hijos in spite of our parenting!
  • Thank you Sara, Ariel, and Stephanie for loving us and taking us on as in-laws!
  • Thank you Syrings, Stouters and Jennings for raising such wonderful girls and sharing them with our family!
  • Thank you Nancy for lending me the crutches – they’ve made my life much easier!
  • Thank you Cel for being a faithful voice that pushes me to the next level!
  • Thank you Chad & Julie for letting us share your lives and apartment this summer!
  • Thank you Woods family for taking care of us, driving us around, and being great tour guides!
  • Thank you friends and coworkers at MKCC for loving me and teaching me how to love on our MKs!
  • Thank you for the chance to say a proper goodbye to Sam Hsu at his memorial concert!
  • Thank you for Meredith for your friendship even when it’s got to be REALLY long-distance!
  • Thank you Barb “Zack” for letting me play for church services!
  • Thank you Woodlyn Baptist for sending us to Spain for an amazing ministry opportunity!
  • Thank you Caitlynn and Chris for coming with us and doing such a fantastic job at the MK retreat!
  • Thank you publisher for canceling our meeting in Barcelona and letting us have a few days to just relax!
  • Thank you Steve & Sara for lending us your car!
  • Thank you Chrispy for letting us get to know you!
  • Thank you Maritza for the chance to become part of your family!
  • Thank you Maritza C for the chance to serve at ESEPA!
  • Thank you CJ and team for spending time with us on your vision trip!
  • Thank you Footes and Mihalkos for dinner and laughter in Denver!
  • Thank you Janet for coffee and friendship when I was in town!
  • Thank you Ady for letting me be part of your group, lunch, and amazing haircuts!
  • Thank you friends at the AMCA ladies’ Bible study for fellowship and both kinds of food (physical and spiritual)!
  • Thank you Patty, Joanne, Jerry and Rick for dinner one more time at PCB/PBU/Cairn.
  • Thank you Sam Hsu for mentoring me in life and in piano!
  • Thank you Ruth for “meet me in the middle” friendship time at the Plymouth Meeting Mall!
  • Thank you everyone at Arcadia, Temple, and Widener for your hospitality while we were checking out Vikky’s top college picks!
  • Thank you Karyl for breakfast at a favorite Jersey diner!
  • Thank you Marilyn for so many times of laughter and tears!
  • Thank you B for lunch and iron sharpening iron!
  • Thank you Chris and Barbi for jacuzzi and sharing time!
  • Thank you Cynthia for transportation!
  • Thank you Maugers for Easter dinner and your 100th birthday party!
  • Thank you Gay for the rose clippings!
  • Thank you Mery for letting us share your CR wedding reception!
  • Thank you Zaida for your patience as I was learning to teach Virtual!
  • Thank you PANI for protecting Sammy and giving us the chance to give him security.
  • Thank you Jim and Corinne for all the hard work you did to make the Brazil conference such a tremendous success!
  • Thank you Bonnie for friendship and pizza!
  • Thank you Jennings family for going with us to the airport to meet Ben  & Steph post Hong Kong!
  • Thank you Ale for sharing your life and photography talent!
  • Thank you Canciones del Mar for the upgrade to a lovely beach condo!
  • Thank you Heidi and Tim for your great visit!
  • Thank you Brazil embassy for the expedited visa process!
  • Thank you Lucy for the lovely vase you made for me!
  • Thank you Kathy, Tim & Jess for all the hard work preparing for and running the Honduras retreat!
  • Thank you Amanda, Andrea, Bruce, Dorrian, Joe, Jennifer, Lynne,  and Theresa for your work and sacrifice to come serve in Honduras!
  • Thank you Rash family for the wonderful Settar-Rash family reunion!
  • Thank you Beth & Wayne for your amazing hospitality and care for Vikky!
  • Thank you Spain MKs for accepting us and letting us get to know you!
  • Thank you Honduras MKs for accepting us and letting us get to know you!
  • Thank you Dave for your excellent medical care in Honduras!
  • Thank you missionary friends for a bed when I needed it on the trip back to San Pedro Sula!
  • Thank you Mark and Joy for time together in Honduras!
  • Thank you Riddle Hospital for the helpful joint class to prepare me for surgery!
  • Thank you Shriners for the rodeo!
  • Thank you Sheryl for the chance to work with your MKs!
  • Thank you Lydia for the precious gift of a chance to work together again!
  • Thank you airport wheelchair guys for pushing me around!
  • Thank you Ana for doing such a great job on your Inductive assignment!
  • Thank you Connie for keeping me sorta sane!
  • Thank you Josiah, Katrina, Marcos, Nicolle, Tay, Vanessa, Virginia, and everyone else for all your hard work in Denver!
  • Thank you new recruits for letting us serve your children during orientation!
  • Thank you Linda for setting up my surgery appointments!
  • Thank you Wendy for taking me to the airport!
  • Thank you Marvin for your sermons that feed us in Costa Rica!
  • Thank you ladies for the chance to learn alongside you at ESEPA!
  • Thank you friends for the time to share my heart and life!
  • Thank you Dr Longworth for keeping us all alive, so many times!
  • Thank you Rosi for too many things to mention!
  • Thank you Sammy for being part of our family!
  • Thank you Diana, Eva, and Iris for accepting me as a friend!
  • Thank you Bible study friends for your companionship and time!
  • May God bless you mightily and bear much fruitf in your lives in 2013!

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